hawksbill turtle

Hawksbill Turtle

Hawksbill Turtle or Pawikan are also found in this island.

Some of them visit here wounded but they undergo rehabilitation by the DENR after which they are released back to the sea.

a dugong named princess dapia

Princess Dapia…

The Dugong “sea cow” which was found dead due to asphyxiation in Sitio Dapia, Kaputian District, has been preserved by the City Veterinarian in collaboration with the City Fisheries.

It is being put inside the big glass and named Princess Dapia. According to Mr. Roberto Plaza, field specialist of the Protected Landscape and Seascape of IGaCoS from the DENR, “it is named that way because it was found in Sitio Dapia. So, it is named after the place where it was found.”


How To Get There

domestic and international flights to davao cityFor International Visitors, you can fly direct to Davao City, Philippines via Cebu Pacific Airlines or SilkAir from Singapore. Or if you’re entering the Philippines via the capital city of Manila, take a domestic flight to Davao City. The domestic flight to Davao City from Manila is serviced by four(4) major airlines with a combined frequency of fourteen(14) flights daily. More flights are expected as another airline is slated to open its domestic route in Davao City.

In going to the Island from Davao City, there are three established entry points:

Sta Ana Wharf

(near Magsaysay Park, downtown area) where motorboats are available to ferry passengers directly to Kaputian and Talikud Island.

Sasa, Km. 11 wharf

where motorboats are available to ferry passengers direct to Babak wharf.
ferry bus

Sasa, Km. 11 Ferryboat Landing

where passengers will be riding the Island City Express Bus from R. Castillo and Cabaguio St. (satellite terminal) and be transported by a ferryboat to the Brgy. Caliclic, Babak District.

Fare Rates

Effective June 1, 2007
Sta. Ana wharf to Kaputian P 50.00
Km. 11 Sasa wharf to Babak (motorboat) P 13.00
Km. 11 Sasa wharf Ferryboat (bus)
to any point in Babak District
P 10.00
Davao Bus Terminal to any point in Babak P 30.00
Davao Bus Terminal to any point in Peñaplata P 40.00
10 wheeler cargo truck (empty/loaded) P 1,500.00
10 wheeler dump truck (empty/loaded) P 900.00
6 wheeler cargo truck (empty/loaded) P 1,100.00
6 wheeler dump truck (empty/loaded) P 750.00
Light cargo truck (elf/canter) P 600.00
Mini dump truck P 500.00
Light vehicles (jeep/pick-ups/van/cars) P 270.00
Tricycle P 125.00
Motorcycles/Bicycles P 60.00

However, you can also charter private motorboats that can bring you to and from any beach of your choice via the following entry points:

  • Lanang Beach Club
  • Sta. Ana Wharf
  • Paradise Island wharf (Sasa Km. 11)
  • Waterfront Wharf
  • Pearlfarm and Bali Bali wharf