ad guide to samal island
Samal Island activities and festivals
Samal extreme sports -Mountain Climbing

Mountain Climbing

Mountain Climbing has become the favorite sport especially by extreme sports lovers. Young and old from the neighboring towns usually stay overnight at its summit known as Puting Bato.
Samal Sports -Cycling

Cycling/Mountain Biking

The island’s unusual road terrain cutting across hills of varied altitudes makes mountain biking an activity one would relish to experience. Cycling within the traffic free main roads of Babak going to Kaputian is one wholesome activity to sweat out with family and friends.
Samal Sports -Motocross


Motocross competition are regularly held in the island. Its terrains offer the best venue for motorcross competitions.
Samal Sports -Chess


Chess Tournament is an all time sport enjoyed by Samaleños of all ages.
Samal Sports -Diving


Diving at Samal is a whole year round activity done particularly around Talicud Island. Its unspoiled dive spots have attracted hordes of divers coming from different places in the country.
Samal Sports -Rapelling


Rapelling is the reason why extreme sports lovers flock to Bito Depression to experience the nerve wracking craze that has recently envaded the island.
Samal Sports -Beach Volleyball

Beach Volleyball

The beach plus volleyball plus babes equals beach volleyball.
Water Sports -Jet ski

Water Sports

Water sports is offered by beach resorts.
Bigiw Regatta Festival

Bigiw Regatta

Bigiw Regatta is always one of the special highlights during the Araw ng Samal. This is an event where local fisherfolks compete to show their athleticism, skill and paddling speed using sailboats known as locally known as “bangka”.
Caracoles Festival

Caracoles Festival

Caracoles, a sundown to sunrise festival of shells celebrated every last week of April.
Kabasan Festival

Kabasan Festival

Kabasan it is a celebration commemorating the foundation of the municipality of Babak District held every 28th day of May.
Regatta Festival

Regatta Festival

Regatta it is a fluvial parade in the sea followed by a boat sailing competition annually celebrated on the month of March.
White Nights Festival

White Nights Festival

White Nights, a sunrise to sunset celebration of the founding day of the municipality of Kaputian District, every 18th of June.
Samal Island Festival

Samal Festival

Samal Festival is an annual celebration of the founding of the city, March 1-7.
Pangapog Festival

Pangapog Festival

Pangapog Festival is a festival of thanksgiving for a bountiful harvest and overflowing of blessings.