The Vanishing Island


The Vanishing Island in low tide

Queer as it may sound, the famous Vanishing Island of Samal is literally what it is named for – an island that vanishes. When the tide is low, the island is visible and easy to access. Precious Garden of Samal offers now free trips for guests to Vanishing. Please inquire by phone: 0917 308 92 72. Take pictures with your companions and enjoy the white sand and crystal clean water. There are two houses and mangroves you could use for shade, but better you bring  a big umbrella in sunny days.  You have to start heading back before the high tide arrives. By then, the whole island with be covered by sea water and not a speck of sand will be seen. This haven is located inside the Davao Gulf between Davao City and Samal Island’s salty waters. In the Philippines, there are only seven Vanishing Islands out of 7,107 islands.

You sure are lucky we have one for you to visit!

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