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Samal is the beach of Davao City. Only 10 minutes away by ferry from the fast growing town. If you are sick of shopping malls and traffic, noise and pollution, come and relax on our little island with almost 80,000 friendly people. Don’t looking for city life; we are the country side of Davao. Life is leisured. Instead of taxis is the useful vehicle on island a habal-habal (motorcycle).

Leisure is not the same like boring. You can join many activities from mountain claiming to diving in colourful coral reefs. Or kayaking on the coast line? After some activities you can relax in one of over 60 resorts or on natural beaches, mostly left in the backside of Samal.

We hope our website will guide you to explore the best locations on Samal. If you like to be informed about Samal subscribe our newsletter, of course free of charge. We will send you monthly updates about our unique island.

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